Your Campaign Starter Kit

Are you interested in running for office? We can work with you, and help you start! Below we have essential guidelines on starting a campaign, what our organization can offer your campaign, examples of candidates we've worked with, and a form you can fill out if you'd like to start or continue your campaign with us!

Work with us!

Interested in running for office?
Let us help you! 


Thinking about running? 

Talk to your friends and family! 


Decided to run?

Go to GEORGIA.GOV to learn more about running for public office! 


Qualify for office.

To ensure you qualify, visit SOS.GA.GOV for more details. 


Create a support system. 

Reach out to your family, friends, or other professionals!


Develop your campaign plan.

Include communications, finance, and voter outreach. 


Execute your ground game. 

Knock on doors, attend debates, and get yourself out there. 



See what skills you want to take away. and which ones you want to change. 

How can we work together?

Check out the list below to see how your goals align with the services we offer! Don't see what you're looking for? Get in touch with us. Let's connect and make it happen!

Social Media 

Develop your brand with us! We will assist our clients in developing brand kits to create a unique and consistent social media presence! 

Database Management 

We will create and manage a database to track your campaign- whether that is internal with your team or external with your future constituents!


We will work with your team to guide and support the entire process! This includes how to run for office, how to manage your website, how to retrieve data on voters, and more!

Website Building

We will consult with you to create your campaign website! We will also assist your team in managing the site once it's live!

Nicole Love Hendrickson

Nicole Love Hendrickson is the Chairwoman for the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. We had the pleasure of collaborating with her and creating her website among other promotional items. Find her website here!

Nakita Hemingway 

We had the pleasure of building Nakita Hemingway's website when she was a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives in the 2020 election cycle. You can access the site here

Angela Duncan

Angela Duncan has served as the Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge since 2020. Duncan is running for re-election in May of 2022. We have had the opportunity to work with Judge Duncan's team in creating and managing her campaign website and social media platforms!  


Browse some of the promotional products we had the pleasure of creating for our political clients! Our team of printers includes local and national family-owned businesses, Union-backed and multi-national organizations, as well as organizations based around the world.