Consulting Services

Chief Marketing Officer. Chief Technology Officer.

We are your in-house counsel for all communications and technology needs. 

Our goal is to enhance your organization's internal and external processes while keeping the organization's culture in mind. 

Planning Process

Multi-level approach

CCS utilizes a multi-level approach to review a company’s communication and technology processes which includes discovery, execution, and evaluation.  

The discovery phase incorporates the following topics:

Marketing & Technology Assessment: Which technology tools are used in the current business environment?
Service Assessment: How do key stakeholders operate in current business environment?
Vendor assessment: Which vendor relationships are impacting current business processes?

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The discovery phase includes the following:

Phase 1: Project planning; review of current plans and assessment
Phase 2: Overall organizational discussion with leadership – organizational structure, mission & strategy, goals
Phase 3: Targeted discussions with specific stake holders
Phase 4: Analyze and identify strategic changes with management team
Phase 5: Develop an action plan with management team

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Execution Phase

Focus on implementing the recommendations from the discovery phase.  

Evaluation Phase

Focus on capturing feedback of the implementation phase as well as ensuring best practices are maintained over a long-period of time.